Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Melt Down

Well you know that stress I talked about in my last post - well it finally overtook me on 20th February.  I'm not going to go into all the gory details but its been a pretty awful and scary few weeks.  I'm seeing my doctor weekly and just this week have started a series of counselling sessions with a psychologist.  The first session definitely helped and I now feel I can see my options more clearly and we've also got the start of an action plan going forward.  Meantime my doctor declared me unfit for work for at least a month.  The response from my employer - or at least my immediate leader and manager has been disappointing to say the least - especially when you've invested over 17 years in the company and been recognised throughout that time as a high performer.  Anyway I'm currently exploring (and testing) the company's fair treatment system.  I guess it's a measure of the pressure everyone is under when the GM responds -  to an email I sent him last night - at 4.57am this morning!

Not sure where it will all end but I feel I owe it to myself to fight back - I may not win or obtain a satisfactory outcome but at least I'll know I've tried.

Elsewhere - I have managed to avoid the poor me comfort eating syndrome and am now 2.1kgs down - had a bit of a blip a couple of weeks ago but managed to haul my ass back into line!

Bloss had surgery almost two weeks ago for cysts in his gums - one on the bottom and one on the opposite side on the top and the associated teeth removed.  He's actually coped quite well and seems to be recovering well.  However as part of the recovery process it really was essential that he stopped smoking to avoid the risk of a dry socket.  I'm thrilled to say that today is Day 13 smoke free.  But we're not allowed to talk about it and his moods and mood swings have been dreadful - in fact the anger is really quite scary but I'm learning (with the help of research on good old
Google) to stay calm and not respond other than to agree sometimes just for peace.  It's quite tough but so worth persevering if we can get him through this stage.

Can't actually think of anything else to tell you and the nails I have on this week (a new type - which I do like) are making it bloody difficult to type on my laptop keyboard which is hard to type on at the best of times (aluminium keyboard).

So will sign off and try and update again soon.
Z xx


Lyn said...

Hugs Zanna xxo ... sounds like a really hard time for you, no advice just me saying I'm thinking of ya and hope things improve real soon

jen said...

And hugs from me too. Thinking of you and hope all improves soon xx

Chris H said...

sorry about the trouble you are having... I've not been reading much lately so don't quite know what's been going on. Doesn't sound good.

Suzy said...

Stress at work can be so damaging to us, both physically and emotionally, and it just isn't worth it. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you have an understanding Doctor. xx